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ALOHA - President’s Message - March 2018

Aloha members of the Hawaii ASHRAE community.

Going into the February meeting I didn’t know what to think with our main presentation being on the topic of natural refrigerants.  I had no idea how this topic could be that relevant to our group since we are pretty much at the mercy of the manufacturers with regards to the refrigerant they choose to use in their equipment.  After hearing the presentation by Keilly Witman of the North American Sustainable Refrigerant Council I am thoroughly convinced that natural refrigerants are going to be the future of refrigerants and was very grateful to have her speak to our group. 

The two main natural refrigerants Keilly discussed are CO2 and Propane which both have almost non-existent global warming potential and ozone depletion.  CO2 may not be the most effective in warm climates like ours here in Hawaii but Propane looks to work well everywhere and is 53% more efficient than R-134a.  It would also be much cheaper than traditional refrigerants since it is used in large quantities in heating applications everywhere.  Unfortunately, the main drawbacks are outdated codes and standards specifically UL 471 and ASHRAE Standard 15 which put a limit of 150 grams within equipment which is the equivalent of a Bic lighter.  We as an engineering community need to work to get these standards updated for the good of our planet.

Later on in the month of February we had a well attended presentation on how to read drawings by Joshua McDonough and John Kawe Humel.  Dan Mestas was kind enough to arrange for the use of a large conference room in the state of the art Bank of Hawaii Center for Excellence for the presenation.

Coming up on March 7th we have a great technical seminar coordinated by Joshua Jackson at the Ala Moana Hotel.  We have some great speakers for the event and it is not to be missed.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Technical Seminar on the 7th!


Kevin Luoma, PE

2017-2018 Hawaii ASHRAE Chapter President


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