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2016-17 ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter President

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Installation of Officers 2016

 President’s Message - May 2017

April had a variety of interesting meetings.  At the Chapter Meeting the presentations of Mike Tibbitts and Les Taniyama on Power Quality: Effects of Harmonics and Solutions also Protecting Adjustable Speed Drives was on point towards resolutions of future electrical problems. Something new to consider in the designs using non-linear 60 Hz electrical sine-wave and how they increase wire sizing, etc. Hope you were able to connect up with this informational opportunity. Les has offered to provide copies of the slides to those who attended. Also, the free webcast on April 20th regarding Use of Analytics to Drive Building Performance provided details of how to use big data analysis for predictive failures of equipment for O&M purposes for those mission critical facilities that cannot have failures of HVAC&R systems.

The May Chapter Meeting has a Distinguished Lecturer presentation on “Releasing Individuals’ Own Creativity.” I read the review of several other Chapters and they really loved the topic.  The lecture by Victor Goldschmidt, PhD is intended as a means for individuals to attempt to realize their own potential to be creative. This should impress the UH Manoa Students who are also scheduled to provide the first session of the meeting will be a review of the design project that was submitted by the 2016 Fall Semester students for their ME 417 Course requirements in Applied Thermal Engineering.

Our RP Committee has completed the planning of the 30th ASHRAE Golf Tournament on Friday 5-5-2017 (Cinco-de-Mayo) at Pearl Country Club which will have plenty of fun, food and prizes for over 136 players.

Last Chance to submit to Min Zhong, P.E. for the CTTC Energy Award applications and Tony Rasabout for the Refrigeration Comfort Cooling Award.  We are doing well in PAOE at 5935 points - #1 in Region X – keep pushing BOG’s team members to report your activities to me.

Best regards, 

Dean S. Borges, P.E., Chapter President SY 2016-17


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